A Vegan’s Guide to Camden Market.

When I first became Vegan, I found it difficult to go on days out and not know where I was going to be eating, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some places in Camden, a popular London market, to get good, cheap Vegan food.

Camden Market is very busy and has hundreds of stalls with, food, drink, clothes, accessories, jewellery and many other exciting things. Though I’ve been twice I don’t think I’ve managed to look at all the stalls yet! So, if you are going to go, I would recommend you pay a visit to these stalls.

Vegan Food Options-

Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner is a fast food style diner that is similar to a New York diner. Their menu includes Buffalo wings, Dirty Dogs, Dirty Burgers and Loaded Fries. Their food comes with delicious spicy sauces and the vegan ‘meat’ is juicy and crispy. There is a small seating area inside and all their food is vegan. I have had the Buffalo Blue Cheese burger and the Buffalo Wings, I would definitely recommend the Buffalo wings which are 4 for £4.50 and come in a spicy, tangy buffalo sauce with a side of coleslaw. The Buffalo Burger was nice but a bit too cheesy for me.

Magic Falafel-

This was a new find this visit to Camden, all their food is vegan and they do classic Falafel. They have falafel boxes with salad, pittas and hummus all for a really good price. You can buy a full meal and pick what salad and toppings you want with your falafel or buy them on its own. I really liked the variety of free sauces they had in the seating area particularly the mango curry sauce. I have had the falafel balls which were 10 for £4.50 and would recommend those or the pita stuffed with falafel and hummus (as seen bellow)

I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes big flavours or misses meaty non-vegan dishes.

It is a Vegan Pie and Mash shop that does a variety of savoury and sweet pies. The pies are a manageable size and can come with sides such as mash, fries or mac and cheese. Jay had the chicken parmesan with gravy and I got the pumpkin pie. The pumpkin pie was nutmeggy and had a soft meringue topping, it had similar flavourings to an egg custard but was creamier. Would highly recommend for someone with a sweet tooth. Jay’s Pie was surprisingly nice considering it had vegan cheese in it, which is renowned for being disappointing. Price wise it was not too bad, with the savoury ones being £5 on its own and £9 with 2 sides. The sweet pies are only £3. Only downside is that there is limited seating inside, which wouldn’t be too bad in summer as there is plenty of outside seating in Camden.

Vegan Drinks-

Lili’s Hot chocolate

This is a small chocolate shop in part of the Market Halls inside stalls. It sells vegan hot chocolate and delicate chocolates in a variety of flavours. Its like a small Hotel Chocolate. The Hot Chocolate was just £2 and 50p extra for toppings such as marshmallows. I really liked the hot chocolate it was so smooth and rich, much stronger flavours than big brand hot chocolates such as Costa. Given how cheap it is I would definitely recommend paying the shop a visit, it is also good for buying vegan Christmas or birthday presents.

Camden Coffee

Camden Coffee is a slightly more upmarket coffee shop with two locations in the Market. It sells artisanal coffee, sandwiches and cold drinks. They don’t have any Vegan sandwiches, but they have the option of Soy, Almond or Oat milk for their hot drinks. I got a large hot chocolate there (yes, it was in the same day as the other one, don’t judge me). It was £3.50, with 50p extra for Vegan milk (discrimination against vegan milks). It was really creamy chocolatey and slightly bitter, Jay said it was better than Lili’s but I disagree! There is lots of seating inside and a range of food so would be a good place to get breakfast in Camden, though it is slightly pricey.

the sign that made me and Jay want to visit

The Ice Wharf, Wetherspoons

As you first leave the streets of Camden to enter the market you come across a cheeky spoons, which as a student it is a duty of mine to check out. It’s a pretty nice spoons, that looks out on to the lock. As per spoons you can get a cheap pint for London prices, I would highly recommend an Aspalls draft cider for a vegan pint. Had to be mentioned! Obvs not everything is vegan but there is some vegan food in spoons.

Random Shop Recommendation-


Nothing to do with veganism but I found a really cute penguin book shop with loads of classics in it. It is right next to Lili’s so had to go in. It has loads of beautiful hardback books.

Random Stuff-

If you go to Camden I would recommend going on a Friday or weekend as that is when most stalls are open. I would also say that it is good to get lots of little bits of food, so you can try as much as possible as there is so much Vegan food on offer.

Other vegan food stalls-

  • Nora and Nama- a good one for breakfasts- it does hot drinks, croissants and sandwiches. Is near Young Vegans.
  • V Burger- has beetroot burger and a seitan one along with sides. They let me try some of the seitan one, with a burger sauce and it was crispy with the flavouring of a schnitzel.
  • Leggero- Italian pasta, you can pick your pasta and toppings with a mushroom and tomato sauce option. Jay tried a sample of the mushroom one and said it was quite creamy.
  • Roly’s Fudge Pantry- not all their fudges are vegan, though they do have a few different vegan options and will let you try them on request.
  • Pamban- A café that specialises in Chai drinks, with vegan options

Apart from in the market, there are some great vegan restaurants around Camden, such as:

Temple Of Seitan

vegan fried chicken shop, slightly pricey but is supposed to be really good.

What The Pitta

Which does falafel, hummus, pitta and baklava. Slightly more expensive than Magic Falafel but would highly recommend. There is also one in Brighton.

Best value for money- Magic Falafel

Best drink- Lili’s Hot Chocolate

Best menu- Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner

This painting is at the back of Rudy’s Dinner. So vegan!

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